A Sad Song Should Only Be Hummed

Published on by Francesca Quarto

I know you are all susceptible to what I call the repetitive song syndrome!

There is no denying the occasional experience of hearing a song and then having it repeat over and over like peppers on a pizza, or "I Love Lucy" re-runs.

I love the pizza and simply adored Lucy, but enough is enough!

To my mind, the happier, upbeat songs like those sung by the Beach Boys, that don't have much to say about anything of significance, should be the only songs allowed to play after nine at night.

Let's face it, as evening turns from dusk to dark, the last thing you want to hear before bedtime, is some song about loneliness, heartbreak, more loneliness and maybe a few tears thrown in the make a mash-up of misery!

Those songs need to be hummed folks..like the sound of white noise over the phone wires, or the seashell held to an eager ear.

Listening to the lyrics of a soppy love affair gone bad is not my idea of enjoyment unless it ends on a high note ..like "vengeance is best served cold".

If that dreary song with its sad story is played after the sun goes down, and the lamp light makes you feel worse as you sit alone in its false glow of warmth, you need to get up off that couch and turn on any discussion about the Presidential election; now THERE is something to make us smile! Huuummmm

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