Foot Prints In the Sand

Published on by Francesca Quarto

I've often wondered why people are so desperate to leave some trace of themselves on this mortal plane, after the pull of gravity has long since had no effect on their physical selves.

I do believe we human have cornered the market on self importance among any of our fellow creatures, but why is so important to leave our imprint when we won't be around to glory in its value?

We seem to struggle through many phases in our lives; phases like the breaking out of the parental bubble and the angst-filled teen years and let's not forget the "finding myself" stage. That hits either during or after college for some, with the late bloomers still looking at the moon and asking "Where am I going and why?"

I love to walk along the damp sand on a deserted shore. I enjoy turning around now and again to see how far I've come by measuring the many footsteps that have marked my passage.

While there is a feeling of accomplishment in this little exercise of mine, there is also a sense of loss.

Turning back to study a straight path, filled with purpose and dedication only to find it swept away by the relentless power of the waves; the unforgiving power of time, that is what it means to be only a human after all!

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