Sexy Has Its Place

Published on by Francesca Quarto

If the title of today's blog grabbed your attention, that might be called "prurient interest" on your part. Webster defined prurient as "having lascivious or lustful desires" which is both normal and natural to most humans that breath the air of this planet.

I like the idea of using human passions to delve more deeply into the motivations behind human behavior. That includes all the passions; anger, hatred, love, fear and naturally, sexual desire.

Writers who use sex like a stealthy lioness hunting her prey, perfected the art of building upon the desire the reader begins to feel as they read. This is the unconscious response to a scene or passage in a book, that stirs the reader to delve more deeply into the fantasy being created for them by the author. It takes both skill as a writer and as a humanist to understand how to trigger empathetic reactions from a reader.

To my mind, a story that has incorporated sexual tension and desire into its plot can stir another level of imagination and satisfy our very human tendency to enjoy a bit of voyeuristic fun.

Sexy has a place in all kinds of literature and only the reader can judge if its place is back on the shelf.

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