The Life of Dreams

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Falling into a healing, rejuvenating sleep is one of America's biggest challenges. Studies have shown that drifting into the deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state is getting to be nearly impossible for many of us.

Now, I'm speaking of adults mind you!

We all know the term "Sleeping like a baby" because babies ...well...sleep like the earthly angels they are. Older kids all the way into the teen years, seem to have no challenge to their sleep cycle. And it a universal truth...Teens love to sleep! Of course, that would be after they fall into a stupor after five hours of "Mind Craft" or watching every season of "Game of Thrones" !

To quote Mark Twain(unless he stole it from someone else) "Youth is wasted on the young!"

Sleep habits are as individual as snow flakes. They may all look similar and have the same result, but upon close inspection, the unique personality profile is made clear.

Many of us sleep at approximately the same time every day. Some folks have night shifts and are just hitting the sack when most of us are swilling our third cup of coffee. Obviously, their personal body rhythms have adjusted to accommodate what would be a challenging schedule to this writer. I like to write about Vampires, but don't like their work schedule much.

If you are among the fortunate people who not only fall asleep easily, but actually stay asleep for the duration of an unheard of eight hour span ...consider yourself a throw-back to a less stressful time. Maybe even a freak of nature..or perhaps you've been tinkered with by aliens who work the night shift!

Whatever it was, you are truly one of the fortunate who walk among us.

(I seem to shamble along most days, not unlike a really old sheep dog trying to round up the herd)

Most nights I try to read thirty minutes before shutting off the light; of course this is after an hour of Face Book and reviewing e mails...hmm

Last night I rolled around like a hot tortilla in a Mexican food truck. After realizing the futility of my attempt at sleep, I got up and searched for some paper and a pen.

You see, during my tossing and thrashing about, I was thinking about a story that kept floating about in my still conscious state.

Looking back at what I had written down, in the glare of the new day, I now believe it was my Muse who kept me body restless and my mind in full forward gear.

All in all, my Muse is a royal pain in the butt and every other part of me that got no rest, no sleep and certainly no peace. Gotta get a Muse who works days!

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