Who Cares If It Bleeds!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Some people consume horror flicks like popcorn. I've sometimes speculated that it was the gratuitous sex, or the misogynistic undertones films of that genre seem to generate.

More likely, it's the voyeuristic tendencies that seem to snap into play at accident scenes, or some kind of altercation between other people...perfect strangers, that have captured our attention because they aren't us!

I think we are all too busy to "do unto others" most of the time, because we are watching life happen to others!

It seems that voyeurism is a kind of substitute for living our own lives up close and personal.

Reading about the lives of movie stars and political celebrities is never going to affect our own daily routine, but it certainly allows us to focus elsewhere other then our less spectacular happenings.

So while I might be addicted to the thriller series "Penny Dreadful", it bothers me not a wit when someone's head is loped off their shoulders, or some handsome character is disemboweled. I'll watch fascinated because it's make believe and I get to take potty breaks whenever I want...even if the lovely leading lady is bleeding copious amounts of blood onto her superb bosom.

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