Holiday Madness!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

If you are a living, breathing human, you've heard no doubt of the craziness on the day after Thanksgiving; a day ominously named, Black Friday!

Here's a synopsis of how it looks in newspapers and on TV.  

Shoppers waiting in long lines for stores to open at some ungodly pre-dawn hour so they can be first to burst through the doors in a Blitz of pounding feet.

Stories of some hand-to-hand combat breaking out between like-minded shoppers who have set those minds on a single item.  Solomon himself could hardly intervene. 

And sadly, even the outrageous news report of a person being killed in a stampede to acquire some treasure beyond all proportions to reality.

This behavior has painted a fairly bleak picture of consumers gone wild in the market place.

Well, that is a bit of an over-statement, but I think it's fair to say, "Buyer Beware" has taken on a whole new meaning especially on this dreaded day!

To what what can we attribute this frenzy, this turning normal people into ravening sharks on the scent of blood in the water?  

We all like taking advantage of bargains. Perhaps if we take that a step further in our reasoning, "taking advantage" can feel empowering to us; like we've put one over on someone who's generally in control.  

In the instance of Black Friday, the promise of buying something at a huge discount lightens our step when we walk out with a new set of luggage and four pair of boots we didn't really need.  We have purchased our way to consumer Nirvana and the charge card melting in our wallet proves it was a fast trip!

I am gearing myself up for the hungry hordes of bargain hunters this year.  No more hanging back like a deer in the greedy light shining from their eyes.  I have a one-word solution to the holiday madness...Amazon!

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