Our Fascination With Dead People!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Yikes!  Not another tale of newly animated dead folk terrorizing an unsuspecting town!  

They come in foot-dragging, eye ball-sagging, arm-swinging swarms and seem to dominate our entertainment outlets.  There appears to be a deeply rooted desire among the viewing, gaming and reading public, to see dead people wandering their streets.

I had to ask myself, is this just another quirky entertainment ping on our society's radar; or is this indicative of our deeper need to become immortal? 

The promise of life-everlasting as the handsome Vampire sinks his fangs into a beautiful woman's throat, gives off definite sexual vibes.  It's easy to be drawn into a fantasy lust for that toothy character.  But the dead man coming for his next meal at the neighbor's house, well, that leaves me as cold as the mortuary he should be residing in!

I can't find any real redemption in the shuffling Zombie; no sex appeal, no humor, not even a few politically correct characters (how many Latino or Asian "walking-dead" have you ever seen?).  Guess my own taste in the macabre runs more to Poe's stories than watching a decaying woman munching on a victim's forearm.

I must admit, it does make that depiction of immortality, even a less appealing fate.  I really hate buffet- style dining!



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