She Remembers Free Love

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Loretta believed that her days as a free spirit were done with her waist-length hair, long gypsy skirts and the "free love" rhetoric of every boy she had ever known in her youth.

She had only the echoes of the music of the seventies and a grown daughter to remind her of that once, vibrant interlude of her life.  

She had finished college at a small Liberal Arts institution, known for its high academic standards and very conservative environment. She still had some remnants of her free-spirited self and partnered with her sharp tongue, often entered into heated discussions with the less- enlightened, especially her Professors.

While she argued with a rather handsome young professor of Literature, the pathetic benefits as she saw them, of believing in a God, she  began gesticulating wildly to emphasize her points. 

Out of the literal blue, a wet plop of bird poop dropped on her open hand.  

Mortified and surprised at the heavenly intervention, she looked over at the now smiling Professor who had removed his handkerchief and began wiping off the offending excrement.

"Guess you've been told off!" he said smugly.

Now she was lying in bed beside that same man and dreamily floating about in the pool of memories that brought her to this moment in time.

The daughter they had together was another surprise for Loretta, but the handsome Professor had not only taken off the mark of a passing bird that day, he had wiped away the false bravado of youth and replaced it with a forever kind of love.

They married after she graduated; her life settling into a harmonious routine of wedded bliss. She transformed herself into a domestic diva and put away her deep thoughts for diapers.

Twenty years later, she lay upon their bed, watching the shadows move around the room in response to the rising moon.

"Wake up my darling.  The moon is almost fully risen." she whispered gently in his slightly tufted ear.

She knew she was safe from his murderous transformation since she and their daughter wore the scent of his pack, sprayed liberally each night they went to bed.

He had been turned while they were on a camping trip in Main, a kind of last fling for Loretta to enjoy total freedom.  They swam naked in chilled pools, screened by thick green woodlands. They ate freshly snared rabbit and dinned on wild berries.  They made love as they spread their blankets over  spongy grasses.

​​​​​​​It was idyllic, until the stranger came one night to their camp fire.

Their was a haze clinging to the face of a moody looking moon, that would be full of yellow glory by midnight.   At least, this is what the stranger had told them.

"You both may want to seek shelter tonight" he warned. "There could be some wild animals stirred to move about with such a moon."

He left the warm glow of their fire soon after. They began to take advantage of his going and the warm night and shed their clothes like Adam and Eve in the Garden.

The only notice they had of the full moon making its appearance was the fact that they could clearly see their bodies as they made passionate love.

The crashing through the forest stopped the Professor's momentum toward that dream state of liquid fire coursing through his veins.  

Loretta was equally put off her rhythm as they both held their breath and listened. The Professor pushed up onto his elbows and that's when he was taken.

The beast was covered in fur and fury as he swept into the camp and ripped her lover off of her steaming body.  Loretta had no breath to scream; no thought to run.  She was frozen.

The Professor was gone until mid-morning the next day and Loretta knew his fate and her's was sealed.

Now, all these years later, they lived like others except for two slight differences:  Loretta and their daughter always wore the wolf musk and the Professor was always locked away in his padded room, after he'd been secured by silver chains to the walls.

Not that difficult really.  But Loretta sometimes longed for the simpler days of arguing about God, before finding his Demons!

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