The Rotting Man Syndrome

Published on by Francesca Quarto

In this day of endless zombies cluttering our TV screens with their oozing faces and dangling body parts, it's almost a relief to watch the humorous exchange between a couple of colorful fish, searching for someone named "Dorey".

I have developed a theory on the ascent of what I call, "The Rotting Man Syndrome" in our entertainment industry.  

We all know life is filled with all kinds of personal challenges and fears.  Our health, family dynamics, work issues, money concerns;you know the list. They all add to the pile of stress.  Like the great Atlas holding the world on his shoulder, we carry this unseen burden by day and it keeps us awake at night.

Watching a hoard of un-dead people roaming the street of small town USA, gives us the unconscious opportunity to say, "Those guys have it lots worse then me!"  We're only facing everyday life.  We still can enjoy a modicum of fun in our lives; like our holidays. 

These guys will never over-eat at Thanksgiving, unless they stumble across a bunch of shoppers waiting on the stores to open on Black Friday.

The Zombie life is pretty limited, making ours seem full of excitement just putting on that ugly Christmas sweater and taking a "selfie" for our intimate friends on FaceBook.

Granted, the Zombie citizens won't have to stand in a voting booth and shutter at unseen consequences, but then I could be wrong about that too! 

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