What Is Your Sign?

Published on by Francesca Quarto

It's never an easy conversation when someone asks me what Zodiac Sign I was born under.  I'm never certain if the answer will effect our relationship, or even color their opinions with preconceived notions of character traits.

I am not an adherent of the belief that your sign predisposes you to certain personality flaws or strengths.  That concept seems over simplified and screams out "The Devil Made Me Do It!" when it comes to explaining one's actions.

I am, however, a fervent believer in charting one's own destiny.  This definitely includes taking many detours and being flexible enough to change course if necessary.  I believe in looking up, but I'd rather look ahead.

As a writer of Urban Fantasy and the Paranormal, my reluctance to embrace the mystic arts of Astrology may seem odd.  But consider this: Magic is a state of mind.  

It might very well be perceived by those gazing at the stars and planets, searching for portents. But children only look to the heavens to marvel at the twinkle and not the position of the stars.  Who would ever think a child didn't understand Magic?

I was once asked what my Sign was and I flippantly replied "The dollar sign!"

Guess that turned off any romantic inclinations on his part, but I'd at last found the perfect answer!

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