Crossing Lines

Published on by Francesca Quarto

It probably isn't a smart move to make New Year Resolutions while under the influence of anything stronger than Mountain Dew.  The reality of achieving goals set after five minutes of booze enhanced introspection, is naught; the same as the resolve not to imbibe to the point of maudlin ramblings.

Maybe humans have a hard-wired tendency to look at the dawning of another year as the beginning they've been waiting for; the clean slate, of a clear conscience; the forgiveness of distance from our less-sterling acts.

The coming of a new year might actually be viewed as a time to gather ones thoughts about how best to spend the coin of today, without being taxed with the guilt of unmet promises.

It would be wonderful indeed, if we actually followed through with all the self-improving goals, but experience teaches, that's pretty rare.  

Perhaps viewing the new year as just a numbered sign on our personal trip through life, would help bring a measure of accomplishment.  You've just crossed the line between what was and what is and it takes real courage and determination to hold the course.  

So, congratulations on making it into 2017 in whatever shape you are in; you're here so make the most of every day!


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