Learning From the Dead

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Is it too late to ask questions of someone whose passed from our realm of life?  Yes, pretty much everyone would agree, that would be a one-sided conversation.

We humans are tethered to our existence by a fragile bond with mortality.  In youth, it is natural to view the bond as everlasting, impervious to all that would destroy its durability; all that would challenge our continued existence.

Perhaps a mature view of life, would be to see that bond as one forged into a chain of experiences that make us who we are.  We are given many links in that chain at birth and we continually add to them as we extend our lives and encompass more of the human experience.

I'm in the process of writing my fourth book in my Urban Fantasy Series with the working title "Bringing Forth the Dead".  It's the latest adventure by the Celtic Wizard, Cathleen O'Brien and pits her against the dreaded Necromancer.  This being has been the subject of much fear and frightful delight over much of our human cultures and folk lore.  He raises the dead from their eternal sleep, leaving behind empty graves and terrified villagers.  He uses these revived beings as his evil minions and upsets the natural order of life. 

Writing about this dark character stirred my own thoughts on the dead.

While I don't subscribe to seeking out conversations or visits from dead relatives, I do believe that it is possible to learn an important truth from the dead.

This is a temporary place we inhabit; this life we breath in and out, is a one of a kind and will never be duplicated.  Better to muck it up, than to never had tried to see how far it will take you.  My fear isn't what I do in life as much as what I didn't do.


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