Once You're Dead: A Political Urban Fantasy, by Francesca Quarto

Published on by Francesca Quarto

I don't know how much more I can take of these dumb questions! I've told everything I care to reveal to the Cerebral Monitors, the Modified News Collectors, and god help me...the chosen relatives of the poor thing they pulped.

It isn't my fault she decided to go rogue on me.  She had to form her own opinions about things; things she had no right to question.  I only acted as her host body for the love of Janus!... letting her feed off me until she could mature enough to detach.  

Being a feeding station isn't easy you know, but then, how would you...you're just like her.  Sucking the very marrow from my bones just like she did.  

My only pleasure in life, not that you'd care a frog's tit, is that I get to talk while you, have to listen.  Can't talk with your mouth full, right? 

Speaking of mouths, she had one on her she did!  Almost as soon as they removed her succors from my body, she started spouting crazy things about "freedom of speech" and "freedom of beliefs"...really radical stuff out of the history holograms.  Naturally, they accused me of watching that crap and influencing her mental pictures. 

She did talk some seriously warped stuff though.

Dangerous as anything shouted by those freaky female "O Plus Freedom Fighters", or even the Planet Crusaders, for that matter, whenever the Company catches that lot.  She actually yelled that  the whole gestation process was a way for the Species Oligarchy to control the humans they were breeding.  

What a pile of yellow offal! I was born in the flesh labs too!  My sole purpose is to feed you Class-One brats!  I was made to be your personal nurse maid, your flesh and blood smorgasbord.  My only pleasure while you feed on me is having these conversations.

Bet it frustrates you Class beauties, to have to listen, while your host gabs as free as those birds from way back.  

Oh, did I tell you...hey, not so hard with that sucker on my back...anyway, did I tell you, that crazy Class One tried to detach her nursing-mate from his host?  She botched that job I can tell you!  He shriveled up like a black bladder from a disemboweled monkey. Guess she didn't know only the Monitors can detach a Class-One.  

They keep asking me now, how I missed signs of her discontent with the program.  She was a nice symbio as they go, actually.  Never too rough on me and always left a little for later, so I didn't have that empty, lights out feeling.

Speaking of that, you should slow down fella or you'll be sucking air...

Anyway, the Monitors keep asking me why I never noticed she was not growing the blinders like she should have been.  She had a clear view of everything without them and that altered her mental patterns and thoughts they said.  Hey, I'm not in charge!  I only work here and follow directives from somebody higher up the food chain.  In fact, when you're done slurping away on me, I guess the Monitors are sending me to the Heap.  And you and I both know, once you're dead, there's no re-do.  

Speaking of blinder, yours are slipping a tad...don't want a repeat of my last symbio.  I'll just keep feeding you and you keep those on.  Not much going on anyhow!


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