Truthfully Afraid!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

During the recent 2016 Elections, I found myself not only reluctant, but afraid to talk about politics; especially mine!

Watching the debacle unfold on TV and social media, listening to talk radio and monitoring the local mood of the small town I live in, led me to one conclusion; better keep my mouth shut about the truth as I knew it!

Truth is subjective when it comes to interpretation...I see might see a ruined game of golf...both of us are correct, but we interpreted the truth, according to our own view of its impact upon us.  

The election proved that we are all capable of being swayed by rhetoric, influenced by promises and susceptible to dreaming of a future that has little to do with reality.

I have come to accept that other folks might see my values and beliefs as foreign to their own.  So many voices out there are warping the truth, bending it to suit their own agendas, that my own belief system feels swamped with the detritus of lies.

It isn't feasible to ignore the radical swings in policies that will have far reaching consequences on our society. It is just as difficult to speak our own truths and be heard above the din created by extremists of all persuasions.

Therefore, I will learn to temper my own political views with reality, speak softly those loftier ideas of changing the world order and keep my own counsel: I am in truth, afraid!

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