A Maelstrom of Mental Machinations Maybe!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

I have always and I mean always, loved alliteration and rhyming words. That "Peter Piper" tongue teaser has been a challenge to me since I first heard it trip off a playmate's tongue at the dawn of time.

It's quite likely my failure to reproduce the whole, lilting line of limerick, has something to do with the way my mind works sorting through things. I believe we should use our own interpretive, mental machinations, to help us better understand our place in this world. 

Consider what we hear.  Music, for instance, has undergone many transformations since the first rocks were banged together and someone's foot started to thump to the perceived rhythm. The musicians of today can synthesize sounds, electrify vocals and in general, alter an original performance like painting over another portrait!  Of course, this doesn't make the results any less real, just tailored, to suit the kaleidoscope taste of the consuming public.

So, to quote a chap I know a little about, "Therein lies the rub!"

I wonder if our society is losing some of its naturalness, some of the inquisitive human response to interpreting the world we live in.  

It seems in entering our twenty-first century, we rushed to leave behind a few of the building blocks of a healthy society.  Things like the Golden Rule. It can surely apply in every society, in every religion, in every corner of our planet. It's a "Natural Law" you might say.

How that rule is interpreted today, seems to depend on the knee-jerk reaction of the individual's current desires.  The honesty of a hand-shake has gone the way of high-button shoes.  Making political leaders accountable has been reduced to a wink and a nod in the halls of governments around the globe. The Golden Rule has been crushed under the weight of bloated bureaucracies, monumental mediocrity, and inevitable isolationism.

If I would ever be asked what I thought this world lacked, beside the obvious social needs, I'd say, "Critical thinkers!"  Mental machinations might move mountains. (Say that fast, five times!)

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