A Bad Turn In the Road: Another Tall-Tale by Francesca Quarto

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Standing on the side of the road, watching the red tail lights light up the flying gravel and dirt as he sped away, Loretta had one thought. Bastard didn't even give me a sip!

She guessed that was pretty much to be expected.  After all, he was only human and they were so limited in their imaginations.  

She tried to allay his fears about allowing her to give him a tiny bite on his neck, but he was outraged at her suggestion.  Even pressing her ample breasts against his chest as they were making out, didn't have the desired effect.  And when she made her lower lip tremble as if in a near swoon of ecstasy, he asked her if she was going to get sick!

She finally resorted to direct honesty because she was getting really hungry.

"I have a little secret, sugar." she whispered in his ear.  Her breath tickling his straw colored hair.

She pulled away from him. Her top lip curled back just enough to reveal the twin fangs decorating either side of her luscious mouth.

"How about a little nibble on your sweet neck, big guy?"

"No way!  I ain't lettin' no Fanger get too cozy with my veins, bitch!  You oughta' had told me you were like that insteada' comin' on ta me like ya did!" he screamed, pushing her away and reaching over to open her door.

She stood there for a moment, stunned by her failure to seduce the shit-kicker.  His grammar was as atrocious as his bad breath.  A few beers smelled so much worse than few pints of fresh blood any day!  

She was wearing those "come get me horny" shoes; five inches of sheer agony now.  Her leather skirt was pushed up somewhere between indecent exposure and very inviting eye candy.  She knew what these local yokles wanted; she'd been making it her life's work these past two hundred years after all.

It was pitch black out there on the country road where he dumped her tight little ass.  The moon was playing hide and seek with some ash-gray clouds; the stars were mere suggestions of light in a swamp of darkness.

"Shit!  Guess I could just find some livestock to take the edge off."

She dismissed that thought as being too far below her.  Besides, she wasn't about to go traipsing through cow pastures and finding nothing but cow poop squishing between her toes.

When they initially parked on the deserted road, she noticed they passed a farm house about a quarter of a mile from the bar where she picked her would-be dinner-date up.  Now, she put on her best smile.  Before her stomach could rumble again, she was standing outside a shabby looking farm house.  The name "Wolf" was painted over the address on their mailbox.

She knocked on the front door so hard a few flakes of paint fell off.  Her effort was quickly rewarded when the door was flung open by an elderly lady, her husband, standing slightly behind her.

"Well, good evening young lady," she said in a grandmotherly voice. 
"We heard you knock and it nearly scared the living daylights out of us," the old guy was saying as they ushered her inside.

"Sorry to bother you folks, but my car is out of gas and if I could just use your phone and maybe your bathroom, I'd be so very grateful."

"Why of course, my dear,"the gent said. 

"You go right on through to the kitchen, there on your left sweetheart, and the phone is hanging off the wall." 

While she pretended to place a call to a friend, the old couple went to the cupboards and busied themselves with plates and silverware and setting the kitchen table for a meal.  The old guy was sharpening his carving knife and the wife was stirring a pot filled with water and vegetables.

Just as she put the phone back into its cradle the old man grabbed her around the neck and gave it a well-practiced twist, breaking it as neatly as he did his chickens'.  He looked over at the old lady.

"Nice to have a bit of meat for the stew don't you agree dear?"


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