Pretending Is Good For You!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

All of my life, I have been a daydreamer. I find no inspiration from the nocturnal variety of dreaming; mostly they're forgotten and reduced to snippets in any case.  I might have been scared witless and awaken with a sudden jolt, but within seconds, the unsettling fear has evaporated into my sleep numbed mind.  

I am, however, known to see forms, faces, creatures and animals as they pop out of everyday things like marbled flooring, patterned rugs, clouds that seem to morph into dragons.  I admit the dragons were the fancies of my younger self, but I do hope to see another, one day.

I'd like to state unconditionally, that the daydreamer is not wasting his or her time. To my mind, daydreams are a creative way for the mind to relax and at the same time, expand. They are a creative way of making those mountains out of those mole hills.  

Letting one's mind drift for a bit in the sometimes choppy seas of everyday life, can reinvigorate our mental muscle and help us deal better with the hard work of living.

Children are great at pretending; mostly because everything is new to them and subject to interpretation on how it applies to their existence.  Not everything is fun and games as they quickly learn. Those lessons will form a future basis for how they respond to everything they encounter while growing into adulthood.

But pretending or imagination, should be part of every stage of life.  Our minds should not be confined to the tangible world with the ever-changing sciences that hold it together like iron bands around a fragile egg.

Being a writer is a great excuse for bringing the fantastical to life, for envisioning new worlds and populating them with beings with eyes at the end of long tentacles.  

But daydreaming should not be the sole purview of the word smith.  The randomness of life provides each one of us unique opportunities to use our daydreaming time to create an escape into fantasy; a place we are all safe, sane and self! 

Who knows, today's daydream may become my next book.  Escaping the tethers that bind us to our realities, even briefly, can also give us a small window into seeing what can be, even if it isn't really there at all.












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