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The First Mate-Match

"It's no matter, my pet. One day you'll find yourself besieged with offers of marriage. A dear girl like you, with a heart as big as the sky above! Here, have another cake, love." Her mother's answer to any challenge in life was a sweetie of some sort....

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Time Enough To Die, by Francesca Quarto

His lawyer, Gracie McFarland, stepped away from the bench with a graceful pivot. Her client heaved a deep sigh, knowing she had been successful in getting a key piece of evidence thrown out. The state's attorney, a woman with impeccable grooming and style...

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Book Signing Junkie!

I admit it: I love Book Signings! Sitting behind a table with my books spread out around me, gives me a feeling of satisfaction. Meeting folks that love to read, and I feel like one big smile! It makes no difference what genre a reader prefers; when they...

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The Alien's Mother by Francesca Quarto

It was a typical Mother's Day in the small outpost of Glimmer Roost. They still celebrated long- remembered holidays from Earth times, only now they did it in zero gravity. So, no bunches of roses and boxes of chocolates and jewelry; just the hand-made...

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