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When Night Falls Like A Dark Rain: A Poem

When night falls like a dark rain, covering all with inky splotches of wet All sound is muffled beneath the stone of gray When night falls like a shade of velvet drifting over a window framing the moon all light is smothered and its memory quickly fades...

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Eating Your Words

It's a rare person indeed, who goes through life without ever regretting words they have spoken in a heated moment. The phrase "Eating your own words" certainly signifies that the speaker has launched a volley of verbiage that they will someday, come...

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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

It's a rare kid that hasn't heard the children's story "The Three Little Pigs". The three brother pigs set off to make their way in the bacon-eating world and are each beset over time by the evil character, The Big Bad Wolf. Depending on how each pig...

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Learning From the Dead

Is it too late to ask questions of someone whose passed from our realm of life? Yes, pretty much everyone would agree, that would be a one-sided conversation. We humans are tethered to our existence by a fragile bond with mortality. In youth, it is natural...

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Urban Fantasy:It all Started With Edgar!

"Why do you write Urban Fantasy?" I've been asked this question enough times that I feel I should address it and put to rest a few simplistic views of a genre that employs a vivid imagination, as much as good writing techniques. While now, it is a matter...

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Truthfully Afraid!

During the recent 2016 Elections, I found myself not only reluctant, but afraid to talk about politics; especially mine! Watching the debacle unfold on TV and social media, listening to talk radio and monitoring the local mood of the small town I live...

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