The Terror of... Nothing!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

When I first started this blog, I foolishly made promises of sharing insights, from time to time, into the life of an aspiring writer. It sounded about right, calling myself "aspiring".

I plan to add at least another two books, to my "Witch of Appalachia" series; thinking my Editor from Tell-Tale Publishing, would do head spins like the demon-possessed character from "The Omen" at my creative contributions!

Setting this kind of goal for myself seemed natural. My routine is simple.

Rising at six, first cup of coffee, reviewing contacts from friends and strangers, drinking another cup of coffee and finally, after as much distraction and piddling around as I can manufacture, opening to the last page of my current book.

That's when I am faced with a complete breakdown in my composure because the blank page is now a perfect reflection of my brain!

There is nothing happening up there!

The pristine page is glaring back at me like an owl eying a mouse.

I sit transfixed, studying the malevolent dazzling of the screen, as if by the act of staring intently, something will magically appear on it.

So, if you were paying attention, you have now learned something about the arcane art of authorship: If you rise early enough in the day, you can drink your own weight in coffee and still feel the terror of nothing creative coming through the fog.

Being a writer is not for the faint of heart. I hope I haven't discouraged any would-be author; just telling it like I see it...or don't see it...

My computer is just sitting here looking so innocent, but I know scary when I see it! (Where's my damn coffee cup...?)

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