Fantasy Sex in the Age of HBO

Published on by Francesca Quarto


Reading a good book can do several mysterious things; things we are unaware of for the most part.

It can stir the imagination from its electronic- age stupor; forcing it like a muscle, to pick up and lift weighty thoughts and ideas.  

It pokes holes in hard and fast ideas of life and the human condition.  It often gets the gray matter that constitutes our very humanity, to reconsider, or adjust our way of viewing our life, putting a new spin on our spinning world.  

It's alarming, especially for a writer, to be told that books hold no interest or place among someone's entertainment pursuits.  The lure of video games, mobile phones, instant program streaming, is like the siren's call to the lustful, homesick sailor.

Before you start groaning about another criticism of the culture I call "The-Non-Society Cyber Society" ...I admit to a soft addiction to my electronics.  I have a reader, I adore streaming Netflix,  my phone is practically welded to my palm and I can't go on vacation (like now) without my laptop!  

It's pathetic behavior when scrutinized under the bright light of reason.  These gadgets all put life a finger tap away.  But is it a complete life?  How does the movie version of Twilight stack up against the book series?  

Can steamy love scenes, depicted by two physically perfect and beautiful actors, really convey the breathless kisses found in D. H. Lawrence's "Lady Chatterly's Lover"?  I know as a young teen, I fantasied about the grounds keeper for months!

The imagination's love scene, is more scintillating than the scene being served up to us on plain sheets; not the silken ones in our mind's eye.  Here, we become intimate players as we watch like phantom voyeurs, as the heroine slides across rumpled bedding,under the throbbing weight get the idea.  And after all, you created that steam! 

There are some pretty hot Romance writers out there, if that genre tickles your fancy (or libido), but to my mind, a diverse diet is the best for us mentally and physically.

So, enjoy your HBO "Game of Thrones" with its in your face nudity and sexual's all good grit for the next great Paranormal Romance you pick up for the beach.  Get your suntan on and enjoy the fantasy sex life in the theater of your mind!


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