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A Maelstrom of Mental Machinations Maybe!

I have always and I mean always, loved alliteration and rhyming words. That "Peter Piper" tongue teaser has been a challenge to me since I first heard it trip off a playmate's tongue at the dawn of time. It's quite likely my failure to reproduce the whole,...

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Cogitating on Words by Francesca Quarto

The world is made up of words. Words describe our environment, our feelings, our views of life and death and everything in between. Language skills, however, are underrated. Words are given as little thought when exiting a person's mouth, as taking the...

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When Night Falls Like A Dark Rain: A Poem

When night falls like a dark rain, covering all with inky splotches of wet All sound is muffled beneath the stone of gray When night falls like a shade of velvet drifting over a window framing the moon all light is smothered and its memory quickly fades...

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