Spring can really hurt!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Oh, sure...we've all been waiting for it, like those idiots standing in long lines in the cold and dark of night for the latest i Phone apparition, but Spring isn't the answer folks!

Yeah, it usually means the end of snow, (unless you were in the Donner Party). It signifies the renewal of life amid the rust-colored grass of winter, but now you have to start mowing the damn stuff!

Spring is credited with raising everything from spirits to gas prices, but I just don't trust it!

First off, I am pretty much a humanist. I think it's wrong to stereotype other people by slapping isms on what they might believe in. Like "feminism", or chauvinism, or even Trumpism (It's a new ism that grew out of racism and capitalism).

Anyway, Spring is as fickle as a mail-order bride from Russia and as predictable as Congress during a lame duck session. Our weather can be a balmy sixty, or a bud-killing thirty.

Spring is really a crap-shoot until you pass Mother's Day. Then, you can plant your flowers and admire them for one day in their array of color and fresh life, until the next frost creeps up in the shadows of night and there's a floral smack-down!

Let's just get to the summer, where I can relax and let nature take its course and can stop guessing what the next day will destroy or bring.

Spring-ism is my new word for today. It has good and bad elements and it reminds me a whole lot of politics...but I'll just leave it there for now!

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